For over a decade, Shea AG has been supplying Southwestern Ontario farmers with solutions to their seed, liquid fertilizer and Precision Planting needs. We carry a wide range of agricultural supplies, including seed (corn, soybeans, and wheat), Precision Planting, 360 Yield Centre products as well as liquid fertilizer kits, tanks, and harvesting components.

          At its very roots, Shea AG has always valued customer service, striving to ensure that we meet farmers’ expectations by working to understand their individual needs and unique aspects of their operations. By working to understand each farm, we are able to select the right seed for their acreage, install the best fertilizer kit on to their equipment, and suggest the right technology to enhance their field operations. From its foundations, we use the same products we sell on our own farms every day.

          By bringing all these products together, Shea AG Ltd is standing by its beliefs that if we supply quality products and service, we can minimize the risk in our customers’ operations and help continually provide yearly success for their farms. For any questions, inquiries, or to learn more about what Shea AG can do for your farm, contact us today!