Ensuring Proper Nutrient Availability
throughout the season!


for on-farm storage!

We are a full service ALPINE Liquid Fertilizer dealer serving Lambton, Middlesex, and Elgin County. Alpine Plant Foods provides the ideal fertilizer needed to significantly enhance any planting operation. Providing the proper nutrients at the right time minimizes unnecessary stress on the plant during growing season. From starter fertilizers to micronutrients, Alpine’s products are high quality and give you the peace of mind that it will consistently yield favourable results, year after year.

Shea AG provides the necessary knowledge to maximize the benefits of Alpine’s products by evaluating your fields to find out how much fertilizer is needed and when it should be applied. We install a liquid fertilizer kit on your equipment and work throughout the off-season to adjust settings and ensure your kit is ready to perform during the spring and fall seasons. We take into consideration your individual farm systems to find the best process that suits your needs.

Alpine G24

A liquid starter fertilizer, Alpine G24 is manufactured from a choice of raw materials that provides a very agronomically efficient source of N-P-K.  Because of this process, ALPINE G24 maximizes plant nutrient solubility, minimizes salt index, minimizes equipment corrosion, allows for cold weather storage, and is safe to plant at recommended rates.  ALPINE liquid starters can be used on a variety of crops  including, corn, cereals, soybeans, and edible beans.

Why Use ALPINE Micronutrients?

Although micronutrients are required in minute quantities, they are essential for healthy plant growth and profitable crop production. ALPINE micronutrients provide an economical source for correcting nutrient deficiencies & improving plant health. ALPINE micronutrients are fully chelated. They can be used in both foliar and soil applied applications.

Shea AG is proud to carry ALPINES’s full lineup of foliar fertilizers to enhance your crop throughout the growing season! Foliar feeding is one of the most efficient methods of supplying nutrients during critical growing stages. ALPINE foliar fertilizers provide available N-P-K and chelated micronutrients. This process makes a good crop even better. It can also supply a deficient, stressed crop with the proper nutrients for a quick recovery. NACHURS programs offer the following foliar products: micronutrients, N-P-K fertilizers, and slow release nitrogen products. These products are also able to be customized and combined to ensure crop success.

28% UAN

We supply 28% UAN in bulk storage at our facility in Watford, which is available for farmer pickup. Alternatively, we can service your needs with truckload lots delivered right to your farm.  There are 28% applicators available to rent as well. Contact us for details.

We have storage at our yard for smaller amounts of starter for our customers and larger amounts can be trucked to your farm if you have tanks available. You don’t have tanks but would like to get set up with some?  We can help! Give us a call to see how you can get your own holding tanks to ensure you are ready to roll when it's time to hit the field. We also store liquid starter onsite in our storage tank and have a number of nurse tanks for your convenience. Call to book volumes in advance and to ensure a nurse tank is available when you need it.

No liquid system on your planter or drill? No problem! We will work with you to design and install a liquid kit that will meet your needs.  Many options are available and setup will be based on what you wish to achieve.

Starter Fertilizers

  • Onsite storage for G24,

  • Alpines 6-24-6 starter

  • Direct to farm deliveries

Micro Nutrients

  • Agronomically efficient

  • Ability to apply through:

    • Starter program

    • Foliar program

Foliar Fertilizers

  • Alpine SRN

  • Alpine K20-S

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SheaAG is a full service agricultural specialist service Southwestern Ontario with agricultural supplies. By supplying our customers with quality products, we are helping them get the right genetics, the right fertility, and the right environment for the best yields of their farms.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team will go the extra mile to keep you going in the fields.