Built on nearly 88 years of expertise, Yetter leads the agriculture industry in designing effective and innovative equipment for residue management, seedbed preparation, precision fertilizer placement, harvest attachments, and more.

  • 5000 Stalk Devastator

  • Reduces damage to tires and tracks

  • Faster decomposition and microbial break down of residue

  • Spring loaded and adjustable down pressure allows them follow the ground

  • Preserves residue cover and in-turn reducing soil erosion and keeping stalks from blowing away

Fits most makes and models of corn heads

Row-Unit Mount In-Between Dual Wheel Fertilizer Opener

  • Great option for nitrogen placement on the planter

  • Flexibility to apply on both sides of the row or one side

  • More affordable than traditional planter fertilizer openers

  • Quick adjustments for fertilizer placement, customize placement between 2-3 inches from seed trench

Row Cleaners

  • Float Row Cleaners or can be locked in place to cut and move heavy residue

  • Standard mounts for Clean Sweep for in-cab depth adjustments

  • Fits most planter make and models

  • Compact design to fit planters with limited space

  • Closing Wheel

  • Includes 2 complete wheel assemblies

  • Can run as a pair of spikes or in conjunction with a factory-style rubber wheel

  • Improves seed trench closing even in the most severe conditions

  • Enhances seed-to-soil contact and helps prevent yield-robbing air pockets

  • Utilizes twisted poly spikes and a rounded center to close the planter disc opening

  • Wheel is bi-directional

  • Eliminates potential for sidewall compaction

Agronomic Insights

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