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Precision Planting provides products that help create a more uniform seed environment throughout your fields by minimizing the effects of variability. The system developed by Precision Planting lets you view your whole operation and decide where the improvements are needed, evaluating both the large and smaller aspects that make an impact on overall yield and field performance. With more control over your seed placement, depth, and spacing, you can create the optimal environment to support crop growth and improve your yield! We have tested Precision Planting products over and over and it continually provides favourable results that are a great fit for most operations. 

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a meeting so that we can see your equipment and discuss with you how Precision Planting can fit into your operation, let us know! 

Monitoring & Mapping
  • 20/20 SeedSense
  • 20/20 YieldSense
  • FieldView
  • Data Management
Planter Control
  • Delta Force
  • vDrive
  • vSet Select
  • RowFlow
  • AirForce
Planter Maintenance
  • Seed Tubes
  • Keeton Seed Firmers
  • New Meters & Meter Parts
  • Meter Testing & Calibration

The Innovation Continues 

20/20 Smarter Every Season

Agronomic Insights



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