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Precision Planting provides products that help create a more uniform seed environment throughout your fields by minimizing the effects of variability. The system developed by Precision Planting lets you view your whole operation and decide where the improvements are needed, evaluating both the large and smaller aspects that make an impact on overall yield and field performance. With more control over your seed placement, depth, and spacing, you can create the optimal environment to support crop growth and improve your yield! We have tested Precision Planting products over and over and it continually provides favourable results that are a great fit for most operations. 



20/20 has the ability to tell you everything you need to know while planting.  When you make better decisions for the next pass, you will be making better decisions for the future seasons to come in your farming operation.  With 20/20 you can get a full break down, row by row on population, skips and doubles, down force, speed and ground contact. 



The amount of down force needed changes so much across one field, with last year’s tire tracks to the weight of the planter to even just the different soil type.  DeltaForce works with the 20/20 SeedSense which controls the hydraulic cylinders and your down force. 



vDrive replaces ground drive or hydraulic drive planters. It also gives you individuual row shut offs along with turn compensation abilities which speeds up your outside rows and slows down your inside rows on turns.  It can also have 4 sections of population control.  * vDrive is only compatible with vSet classic and vSet 2.



VSet gives you 99% + singulation up to 10 MPH regardless of the seeds shape and size.  It is a high performance meter and very low maintenance it works with ground or hydraulic drive systems. 



With Speedtube you can increase your speed and still know your seed is being placed in the correct spot.  SpeedTube follows the grounds speed allowing the ideal drop of the seed into the trench. 



mSet allows for two hybrids to be planted in the same field as the planter switches between the two hybrids, when moving from one soil type to the next.  This makes transitions between two hybrids in one field happen very quickly and smooth. A seed pool level sensor tells the seed selected when it is in of more seed.   



With Clean Sweep you can save time by being able to adjust your row cleaners on the go. It brings a dual-action pneumatic cylinder to each row, allowing you to adjust to changing field conditions.   



With WaveVision you will get the population you want!  By using high frequency radio waves measure the density of anything passing though the seed tube.  WaveVision does not get fooled by multiples or by dust.



RowFlow allows you to change rate within the field it will also help eliminate double planted areas.  The less you overlap the more you save.  When speeding up or slowing down in the field RowFlow will allow you to have a consistent population.


Keeton Seed Firmer

Keeton Seed firmers allows every seed to make it to the bottom of the trench due to the small amount of pressure added to the seed allowing it to get the heat and moister that is required.  It also can act as a liquid application tool for fungicides, insecticides and proper in-furrow fertilizer.


Smart Firmer allows you to see what is happening inside the soil.  You will be able to see the moisture and the temperature of your soil which is tied into the 20/20 allowing you to see the data in real time as your planting. 

eSet Meter

eSet updates your John Deere vacuum meter, it uses a higher vacuum paired with a singulator to increase singulation. 

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