360 Yield Center delivers more control over your fields! With 360 Yield Control you can measure nitrogen levels and apply nitrogen on your fields and crops when they need it most, maximizing its effects and improving overall crop and yield potential.

Shea AG is proud to supply 360 Yield Center products and services to our farmers. With on-farm testing, along with tailored nitrogen solutions for your farm, you can now apply nitrogen when it is most beneficial for your crops. With more control over your nitrogen supply, you can invest in your fields and see improvement year after year of managed and measured nitrogen applications. Late-season and sidedress application is available, as well as a number of other tailored services

360 Y-Drop

Regardless of the season, with 360 Y-Drop, you win

360 Y-Drop places nutrients next to the stalk, allowing the stalk to match the plants needs immediately.  The 360 Y-Drop also have variable rate nozzles, which allows you to customize the rate, time and placement.    

360 Undercover

Don’t let disease win

Hit the target with 360 Undercover.  With 360 Undercover you will be able to hit where the disease is with less waste.  Hitting the disease from the middle of the plant rather than the top of the plant will help kill the disease.  With the disease starting from the base and working its way up allows you to hit it before it can make it to the top.  When hitting it from the top you take the chance of the product not making it to the bottom of the plant.    

360 Bullet

Improve access to soil nutrients

360 Bullet leaves a sub-soil profile unlike traditional ripper points.  This is done by the 360 bullet shattering the soil profile from shank to shank.  This allows you to have more water movement throughout the soil.  With water running freely through the soil it will allow the roots easier access to essential nutrients.   

360 Chainroll

Better Nitrogen Management

360 Chainroll allows for fast residue break down which boosts nutrients for the following year.  The 360 Chainroll chops the stalk to the perfect length for row cleaners to remove residue from the seed trench.  With the breakdown on the stalk it also allows the area to speed up microbial breakdown, Freeing up more nitrogen for your crop.     

360 YieldSaver

Save more of what you grow

360 Yield Saver reduces header loss up to 85%.  With the Bristle blocks it allows for a softer landing to help prevent shelling.  The long-lasting bristles help bring small ears into the corn head, which would normally fall though.   

More products available, for more information click here.   

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