Lake Erie Agriculture Demonstrating Sustainability (LEADS)

Lake Erie Agriculture Demonstrating Sustainability (LEADS)

Is your farm eligible?

Do you have a Farm Business Registration Number (FBRN)and Premises Identification (PID) Number?

Do you have an Environmental Farm Plan?

Do you have a Farmland Health Check-Up? (All Check-Ups completed in previous years are eligible)

Are you in the priority area?

How often can I apply?

A farm business may submit up to three applications to LEADS for the 2018-2019 program year. Applications will continue to be accepted until the funds for the 2018-19 year are fully allocated. Eligible projects must be new to the farm business. A separate application must be submitted for each project. Projects submitted to LEADS cannot receive funding from any other CAP program.

How do I submit my application?

Applications for LEADS will be accepted on a continuous basis beginning April 3, 2018. Applications are submitted electronically*. You can apply and submit all required documentation at Emailed applications will not be accepted. *If you cannot apply online, you may send hard copy applications and all required documentation to OSCIA by post or courier to 1 Stone Road West, Guelph ON N1G 4Y2. Copies of the Application Forms are available at

When do projects start and finish?

The start date for your project is the date that OSCIA sends you an Approval Letter for the successful project. Projects cannot be started before this date. Eligible costs can only be incurred, invoiced and paid for by the applicant after the date on which the Approval Letter is sent. The project completion and claim submission deadline is December 1, 2018. Eligible costs must be incurred, invoiced and paid for by the applicant no later than this date.

Tillage and Nutrient Application Equipment Modifications

Projects will focus on supporting equipment modification for: no-till and strip-till; fertilizer and residue management; adjustment of new or existing equipment to reduce soil erosion and nutrient loss; or to increase soil health.

To apply you must

  • Have a verified complete 4th Edition or a peer-reviewed 3rd Edition EFP
  • Be located within the Lake Erie or Lake St. Clair watersheds
  • Have a completed Farmland Health Check-Up, working with a participating Certified Crop Advisor

Eligible activities and expenditures

Fertilizer management options that work in high residue or no-till situations

  • Equipment or components to enable banding, variable or controlled applications
  • Fertilizer carts, if used in conjunction with existing strip-till units
  • Companion tanks for nitrogen on a manure application system
  • Y-drop technology

Tillage and planting improvements that works in high residue or no-till situations

  • Strip-till units or components
  • No-till units or components
  • Equipment for the purpose of no-till planting
  • Equipment for the purpose of managing the planting of cover crops

Crop residue and soil health management improvements

  • Row cleaners
  • Roller crimpers
  • Trash whippers

Cost-Share Percent: 40 Percent

Maximum available cost-share per project: $30,000

Ineligible activities and expenditures

  • All ineligible activities and expenditures as detailed on page 13
  • Reduced tillage equipment if previously used for any crops within rotation
  • Yield monitors
  • Annual services fees of any type
  • Upgrades to tractors, combines or spray equipment
  • Tires or tracks
  • Self-propelled equipment
  • Maintenance costs
  • Warranties for equipment or components used to modify equipment
  • Any tillage equipment that is not strip-till or no-till
  • Vertical tillage
  • Any equipment or equipment customization’s that do not support an increase in soil health or a decrease in nutrient loss

Required documentation

  • Certificate of completion for a 3rd Edition EFP or letter of verification for a 4th Edition EFP

Other useful information

  • Funding will be limited to the Medium Priority funding level
  • Funding can be accessed only once for a single piece of equipment for the duration of the LEADS program

All of this information plus more can be found at  If you have any questions or would like a quote contact us at Shea AG today, we would like to help you out.

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Monsanto Scholarship 2018

Good Afternoon,

Monsanto is proudly celebrating 27 years of scholarships to deserving high school students across the country entering their first year of post-secondary education in agriculture, food science or culinary arts, at a Canadian college or university.  This year, Monsanto Canada estimates it will provide approximately 65 scholarships.  Each scholarship is valued at $1,500 and will be awarded to students who meet the criteria set out in the application form.  Deadline to apply is May 31, 2018!

How to Apply

Step 1
Download, Print and Fill out the Application Form Monsanto Scholarship Application 2018

Step 2
Gather the following items to submit:

You’re Completed Application Form
Two References (excluding family members)

University/College Acceptance Letter*
Working Copy of High School Transcript
Application Essay

Step 3
Return your application (with all attachments) post-marked by May 31, 2018:

Mail Delivery:
Monsanto Fund Opportunity Scholarship
Monsanto Canada Inc.
900-One Research Rd.
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 6E3

Email Delivery:

[email protected]

NOTE: Please include PDF of application form, Word document of essay and scanned files of letters and transcripts.

Visit for more information on the 2018 Monsanto Fund Opportunity Scholarship program.

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March News Letter 2018

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London Farm Show 2018!

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Get your meters tested today!

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Spring is upon us!

What a great day for shipping DEKALB bean seed!

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Your Invited!

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January News Letter 2018

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Happy New Year!

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Merry Christmas – From the Shea AG team!

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Harvest 2017

Soybean Harvest 2017 has begun!

Over the past few days the combines have been entering the fields!  If you’re looking to have a weigh off done or your monitor calibrated please call us today, we would love to come out and see you.

Here at Shea Ag we would like to let you know how to save when buying your seed this year.

This year there is a new DEKALB discount.  The more you you buy, the more you can save.  Deadline for this extra 3% savings is November 15th 2017.

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2017 DEKALB Soybean Plot Data

The links below are Shea AG’s Demo DEKALB Soybean Plot Data from 2017.

Hayter soybean plot 2017
Hunt Club soybean plot 2017

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Click Link above to view 360 CHAINROLL information page.

360 CHAINROLL-News Letter
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Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show 2017


Here at Shea AG along with Climate Field View and DeKalb would like to invite you to a DATA DRIVEN FARMING DEMO! Happening September 12 & 13th ONLY at the Canada’s outdoor Farm Show.  First Show time starts at 9:00am followed by 11:00 am with a final showing at 2:00pm Daily. We hope to see everyone out and enjoying the 2017 Out Door Farm show.

COFS Invite FINAL FieldView Demo at Outdoor Farm Show Invitation h jakfh g
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June News Letter

June News Letter
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Novice Local League Black Card

This past winter we were fortunate to be able to sponsor a local Hockey team with their Jerseys.

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Product Overview for Growing Forward 2

Product Overview for Growing Forward 2
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Quick tips to help you prepare for planting!

Quick tips to help you prepare for planting
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London Farm Show 2017

March 2017 New Letter - London Farm Show
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Is your planter spring ready?

February News Letter

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Meter Testing!

Meter Testing


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Half Way Mark!

Good Morning,

Here at Shea Ag we are excited to announce that winter is finally at its half way mark! There is still so much to do before spring to be ready to hit the fields running.  If you have not had your meters tested call us today at Shea Ag.  Keeping your meters clean and calibrated will give you the maximum potential for a great planting year.

Has your planter has had its tune up and is ready to head to the fields?  With Precision planting there is always new ways to update your planter to help you get a better season.   Remember, you only get one chance in the field to get the most out of the seed that you are planting!

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52 More Days Until Spring!

Good Afternoon,

Well January is almost over, little snow and warmer than normal… I would say spring is on its way!  Seed is being delivered into are warehouse and planters are starting to show up to get there new liquid fertilized kits or a Precision Planting update.  Along with meters getting cleaned and calibrated.  Only 52 more days until spring, let us at Shea Ag help you get ready for spring.

Call us for more information.

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January News Letter 2017


Shea Ag


We at Shea AG hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday season and that everyone is eagerly waiting for the 2017 spring planting season.  Although winter is here, we are still quite busy here at Shea AG planning and preparing to ensure all our customers are ready when the spring weather allows us to get into the fields.





DEKALB Seed Update

This year’s early order period has come and gone with DEKALB brand seed holding strong in the area.  We would like to thank everyone who participated in the early order process and to all who have decided to take advantage of the full pre pay discounts.

For anyone who has not paid yet, there are still savings to be had.  You could still save 4% of your order by paying by January 20, 2017 and 2% if you decide to pay by March 8, 2017.  Also for anyone who has yet to order there seed you can receive a early order discount of 2% up to March 8, 2017.     

Yet another option for those who might be interested is using the line of credit through John Deere Financing which offers you zero percent financing until November of 2017.  If this option appeals to you, you must be aware that you will not receive any early pay discounts combined with the zero percent financing.  We do have applications for those who are interested and will assist you as needed.

As a reminder why DEKALB strives for the highest quality seed possible, this statement was recently received in a newsletter from DEKALB:

“DEKALB seed is produced under high quality standards, then conditioned and treated at ISO standards facilities, and we strive to exceed industry quality standards.  If environmental conditions require you replant, we will cover the cost of the replacement seed. We’ll also help you match earlier-maturing DEKALB hybrid or variety to your field and growing season.”*

*Subject to availability and inspection by DEKALB representative.  Soybean replants policy subject to seed treatment.  Ask your dealer for details.

  Precision Planting Premier Dealer 

Precision Planting Update

  Here at Shea Ag the Precision Planting portion of our business is at its busiest time of the year.  There is always new training and more information.  Jeff and Cole both have their Premier Tech Certification Certificate with the advanced training though Precision Planting.  Jake is right behind them with the advanced training. Together everyone here at Shea Ag is staying up with all the new additions to Precision Planting product line. All together, we are very familiar with the equipment, setup and systems for your planter, we are excited to look at your planter and see where Precision Planting products can be used to update your planter’s ability’s.

We are also testing meters in the upcoming months before the spring.  Keeping your metering systems cleaned and calibrated ensures that each seed that goes through your planter is positioned in a way that is genetic potential is maximized.  Springs, seals and brushes all wear and having them checked could help eliminate skips and doubles in your corn stand.  We have a test unit in our shop that will give you a print out that tells you how your metering systems are running.  Call us today for more details on the meter testing program.

Shea Ag

SHEA AG Update

For the months of January, February and March, we are going to be out and about attending trade shows in the area.  Shea Ag will be having an information booth at all these events and we would love to see you out there too.

January 18, 2017         Precision Planting Winter Conference, London

Jan 31- Feb 1, 2017    Precision Planting Ag Conference, London

March 8-10, 2017       Western Fair Farm Show, London

March 21, 2017          March Classic, Grain Farmers of Ontario, London


If you have any questions or would like to register please contact us today at Shea Ag.

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Precision Planting Winter Conference

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2017 Early Seed Ordering Information!

We have begun our 2017 seed ordering season!  Here are some key dates to keep in mind!

DeKalb 5% Early Order Deadline – November 30, 2016

DeKalb 5% Early Pay Deadline – December 6, 2016

Don’t forget about the additional savings based on your Order Volume and Bulk Discounts.

We will be around this week to discuss your seed needs for 2017, ensuring you get all your discounts that qualify.

Roundup Ready and Roundup Ready 2 XTEND Soybeans are available!

Contact us today to put your early order in!

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London Farm Show 2015

With just two short weeks until the London Farm Show, we are braving the cold weather and getting planters ready for spring.  While its this cold out, take advantage of the show, network with industry leaders in seed genetics, plant nutrient products and equipment dealers and manufacturers.  Don’t forget to stop by the SheaAG booth and see how we can take a row unit from a planter and turn it into a high tech planting machine!  Efficient vacuum meters, variable rate electric motors, hydraulic down force , row cleaners all work together to ensure the seeds you plant end up where you want them.  Come see how they fit on a row unit, work to place the seed accurately in the soil and help you achieve your maximum yield potential.  Booth 701R in the Pavillion-Agriplex.

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Going to the Precision Ag Conference?

Next week we will be spending a couple days at the 2nd annual Precision Ag Conference held in London.  This is a great opportunity to network with those in the industry who have been involved in precision agriculture as a means to maximize productivity crop production.  There will be expert speakers, agronomists, researchers as well as hands on precision ag farmers who have experienced this shift first hand.  Register online – spaces still available!

2015 Precision Ag Conference
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Using soil sampling to your advantage

Not sure where to start with soil sampling?  The St. Clair Region Conservation Authority is offing farmers within the St. Clair Watershed a free basic soil sample kit (2 samples) which includes analysis from A&L Canada Labs.  We can come discuss how you want to sample your fields, take the samples for you and help you get the appropriate paper work filled out.

Take advantage of this great opportunity and get some samples sent in!

Visit the SCRCA website at for more details or give SheaAG a call to arrange sampling.

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Soybean Harvest ’14 has begun!

Over the past few days the combines have been entering the fields!  Reports of incredible yields have been floating around the county with excellent moistures to match.  Don’t forget, if you are looking for a high quality winter wheat, we have WAVE from Secan.  Just give us a call and we can have yours ready.

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The Official 2014 OCCC Variety Trials

2014 OCC TrialsThe official 2014 OCCC Variety Trials are here! Check out how Secan Wave stood up again this year! Five Year Yield Index of 105! Cant complain about that!

Click the picture to see the trials.

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Mid September – Start your plan for next year!

As we pass the middle of the month and begin to notice how short the days are becoming, take this opportunity before harvest to get into the fields and assess how well you were able to make each kernel of corn or each soybean seed perform to its maximum potential.  Now is the time to start thinking about next years rotation, variety placement and fertility to ensure next years crop has all the advantages to become your next bumper crop. SheaAG along with Dekalb Canada and Secan Seeds have the varieties and the experience to delivery quality and confidence to your operation!  Give us a call and get SheaAG working with you!

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Want to get out but fields aren’t ready yet?

If you are itching to get into the field and are getting discouraged because of the winter like conditions hanging in, why not spend a little time now ensure your planter is set up and running properly before you head to the field.  Check out Precision Plantings checklist to help get the best planter performance you can.

10 Planter Tips


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Seed Deliveries

With the last full week of March quickly coming to an end, we are looking into the next week and seeing warmer temperatures in the forecast.  With the long drawn out winter, we haven’t been able to move much seed the past few months and our shop is starting to fill up.  In the upcoming weeks, our plan is to start the deliveries of seed again so that you have your ordered seed before the spring planting begins.  We will be calling and arranging delivery times but if you know you can take seed, please give us a call so that we can bring it out.

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Precision Planting installs before 2014 planting

Last full week of March and the cold temperatures and snow are still here! We are keeping busy this week and into next week with a few installs on customer planters to help them with their 2014 plantings.  We have two customers getting a 20/20 SeedSense with a FieldView kit installed and another grower getting the 20/20 SeedSense with FieldView plus a 20/20 RowFlow kit.  There are still a few other quotes out and looking like there is still time for installs if anyone is interested.  Give us a call, and lets walk through the process together.

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Not just seed, not just planters…..

Spring is just around the corner and as you pull equipment out to tune things up, keep in mind that we carry a wide variety of fittings, hoses and components for your sprayers and liquid fertilizer equipment.  If its a fitting that is widely used, chances are we have a good supply in stock.  If its a more specialty item, give us a few days notice and we will get it in for you.  That goes for tanks too.  If you would like the convenience of having your own tank at your place that you can stock with 28% UAN or Alpines G24, we can get a tank that will work for you, hoses for easy transfer and a pump to get the job done.  You wont have to be wondering about getting that delivery in during the spring rush anymore.  Give us a call, send us an email or stop in and see what we can do for you.

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What does your monitor tell you?

Precision Plantings 20/20 SeedSense is capable of showing as much detail of your planter pass that you want to see.  Its not just a population meter or an indication of your percent skips or percent doubles.  This monitor shows you, in real time and row by row, how multiples and skips are affecting your population and seed placement.  But that’s only of the seed metering side.  20/20 SeedSense can also give you and indication of the down force you are applying to the ground.  Is it too much force causing compaction issues?  Is it too little down force causing possible shallow plantings?  These readings are given constantly across the field, allowing you to identify areas which may require more or less weight in order to achieve ideal planting depth while minimizing seed wall compaction. Does your current monitor let you know if speed is causing an issue in your planting operation?  Having a good ride ensures your planter is running the way it is supposed to, accurately putting seed into the ground at a consistent depth at consistent spacing.

And how does it notify you of potential issues?  Precision Planting as incorporated a simple colour indicator that everyone understands.  Green is good, keep doing a great job; Yellow is caution, there are areas of your operation that could be improved; if you see Red, you have an issue that needs to be resolved to ensure you are getting the most from your seeds.  What is your current monitor telling you?

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Get those planters ready before its time to head to the field!

Now that the temperatures are starting to warm up, working on equipment outdoors doesn’t seem so daunting.  Make sure your planter has had its tune up and is ready to head to the fields when the weather permits.  You wouldn’t head out to plant when the field conditions aren’t ideal, so why head out before your planter is operating at top performance?  Planters are a complex piece of equipment with many operations coming together in one pass out in the field.  Check out the list of 10 planter conditions that should be checked before heading to the field,  Remember, you only get one shot in the field to get the most out of the seed you are planting!

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Mid March Update

January, February and the beginning of March has seen a busy time for us.  We spent many hours at the various trade shows around Southwestern Ontario and would like to thank all who took a moment to discuss what Precision Planting is and how it could be adapted to their operation.  We have been working on a few quotes in the hopes that some more planters can be upgraded before the spring planting season comes.  If there is something you have heard about, something you would like more detail on or any other questions regarding Precision Planting and what can be done for you, give us a call, send us an email or stop in; we are more than happy to discuss these products with you.

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Great Turn out at our first official Precision Planting information meeting!

We would like to thank everyone who came out to our Precision Planting information meeting yesterday. As was mentioned, a tremendous amount of information was presented and it might take a bit of time to process it.  If anyone has any questions about the material that was presented or would like more detail about any of the systems mentioned, please give us a call and we can set up a time to walk you through things.

Special thanks to Dawn Massner from Precision Planting for coming north to Ontario to present for us in our meeting.image

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Here comes another busy week!

We are into the last week of February and it’s looking like a busy one.  Monday is full of preparation for our Precision Planting Information Meeting that will be at the Warwick Firehall on the 25th.  After our meeting we will be packing up and spending Wednesday and Thursday in London at the Precision AG Conference.  Busy week but will be a great time talking Precision Planting!  Hope to see lots of people out during these two events.

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Is spring around the corner or what!?

The sun is shining, seed is coming in to our warehouse and planters are showing up to get their new liquid fertilizer kits installed.  Spring must be coming!

 photo 1   photo 2    photo 3

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Shea AG Precision Planting Information Meeting

Curious as to how Precision Planting could work in your operation? Come out to our Precision Planting Information Meeting, February 25, 2014.  We will have lots of information coming your way, talks from a Precision Planting Representative and time for questions.  Join us from 10-3 and see how you can make maximum corn potential a possibility.  Register Today!


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45 Days until Spring!!!

February has started and the sun is finally shining! Who else is getting sick and tired of all the cold and snow this winter? Looking for a way to get your mind prepared for spring? How about getting your planter ready now; getting your meters tested. Having well tuned meters is a small investment that will pay. Controlling singulation will ensure every seed planted will produce to its max. It’s simple; give us a call, arrange a pick up or drop off of your meters and let us get them set for you. What do you have to loose.

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A Look Back at the 1st CK Farm Show

Last week, January 29 and 30, we participated in the first Chatham-Kent Farms show held at the John D Bradley Centre. Unsure of what the turn out would be like, Cole and Adam set up our new display and prepared for the show. The turn out on Wednesday was tremendous. Most of the vendors in the centre could not believe the amount of people who came out for the show. The crowds on Thursday were a little lighter but still an outstanding turn out. We would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth and took the time to see what Precision Planting can offer.

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A Busy January it is!

So we made it through our first Southwest AG Conference in Ridgetown and are getting great feedback from current customers and some potential new ones.  This week is continuing the pattern of being busy.  Cole is currently in St. Louis participating in a tour of the Monsanto Research Facility.  This opportunity will help him understand the process that Monsanto takes in the development of its genetics and seeds.  Jeff is in Niagara Falls until Thursday sitting  in on a DeKalb growers meeting as a grower not a dealer.  Adam is working in the office keeping the ball rolling on our advertising campaign and will be attending the Elgin County Soil and Crop meeting on Thursday to set up a booth featuring our Precision Planting equipment.  Weather permitting, we plan on shipping out more beans possibly Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

If you would like to get a hold of one of us, call our office, 519-849-6040, and check out our new automated system.  We hope this will help you get in touch with the rep that you are working with.

Have a great week!

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Welcome to 2014

Well the busy holiday season has come and gone as we settle back into a more traditional routine.  We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday and are looking forward to the spring planting season as much as we are.  The upcoming months are going to be busy ones for us even though the temperatures are cold and the snow has come.

We just finished unpacking our materials as we attended our first Southwest AG Conference as a vendor.  We had great traffic through the trade show, met lots of growers from the area and got to talk about Precision Planting.  We also have some upcoming shows which we hope to see some of you at:

Chatham Kent Farm Show – January 29 & 30

London Farm Show – March 5, 6 & 7

   As well as continuing our search for more exposure to the growers of Lambton, Kent and Middlesex Counties.

We also are continuing to work on installing Alpine kits onto drills and planters getting them ready now before the warm weather comes.  Meters are getting ready to be tested on our MeterMax Ultra system from Precision Planting.  How would you like to know how your meters are running before you get to the field?  Give us a call, we can check them out and help make sure everything is ready to plant when the weather is right.

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Podolinsky Days

This year Shea AG has put a booth up at the annual John Deere Days at Podolinsky Equipment Ltd.  This years events take place December 12 and December 13 with a trade show each morning followed by information sessions in the afternoon.  Stop by the Shea AG booth to see how we could fit your planting equipment with a liquid fertilizer kit or talk to us about your seed needs for the spring.  Grab a card from us to enter into an online draw for your chance to win a free bag of seed OR six Keeton Seed Firmers!   Hope to see you there and good luck.

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New Videos Added to Precision Planting Tab

We are getting some new videos uploaded to the website.  Get a preview on some of the products Precision Planting has to offer.  If something interests you or you are wondering how it could benefit you operation, give us a call – we will walk through it with you.

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Early Order Season has Ended…..

We would like to thank all our customers for another exciting Early Order Season.  Many of the outstanding products have been ordered and now is the time for DeKalb to review orders and current seed stock.  Looks like the varieties for our growing area are in good supply!  If you know of someone who still has not ordered seed, pass them our number or let us know…..still seed available for next year!

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Advance Precision Planting Training

We are spending a few days in Illinois at Precision Planting getting all the latest information on some of the new equipment rolling out of the Precision Planting Headquarters.  Look for more information to come or contact us to see what might work well on your farms.

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Dekalb Mobile Seed Guide App for your Phone

DeKalb has a fully interactive Seed Guide App developed for your smart phone or tablet.  You can download the app, install on your device and customize it to the products you are interested in.  Narrow the heat unit selection, view silage ready corn hybrids or search based on the Genuity Trait that you are requiring.  It’s FREE, easy to use and mobile, take it with you anywhere you go.

For more on the DeKalb Seed Guide App visit : DeKalb Seed Guide

Or download from the app store, just search DeKalb Seed Guide.

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2014 Seed Order Season

We have begun our 2014 seed ordering season!  Here are some key dates to keep in mind during the next couple weeks!

DeKalb 5% Early Order Deadline – November 27, 2013

DeKalb 5%  Early Pay Deadline – December 13, 2013

Don’t forget about the additional savings based on your Order Volume.

We will be around this week to discuss your seed needs for 2014, ensuring you get all your discounts that qualify.

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Harvest Data is Coming In!

We are starting to get a good bit of harvest data in and loaded onto the website.  Take a look, see how hybrids did, check out farms that might be closer to your area.  The Customer Yield Check also has single variety yield results, check it out too.

Don’t forget to check out more results from DeKalb Growers – click the DeKalb Logo

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