2967 Series Narrow Row Screw Adjust Row Cleaner – JD & Kinze





Take advantage of time-saving technology with the 2967 Narrow Screw Adjust Row Cleaner designed for 15″, 20″, and 22″ rows. These units can be raised and lowered with the turn of a knob when planter adjustments are needed to adapt to changing field conditions, all while maintaining consistent seed depth.

Fits JD 1700 Series, 7240, 7340, 1530, 1535 with long (21”) parallel arms and 7000,7100 standard, Kinze (’92 and older)
15” spacing contact Shea AG Sales department.


  • Adjusts in 1/16″ increments and features a 7/8″ socket to speed fine-tuning with ratchet or impact wrench
  • Depth indicator makes it easy to set depth
  • Reduces adjustment time because moving pins is not required
  • Adjustable wheel position settings (recommended setting, standing behind the planter, is left half leads left side and right half leads right side)
  • Available with a range of residue management wheel options
  • Mounts to row-unit faceplate

Additional Information

Weight N/A
Wheel Style

Standard, Shark Tooth, Bevel