Generation III Coulter – Section A





This spring-loaded coulter utilizes blade sizes from 17″ to 20″. Depth can quickly be adjusted to the desired setting with the toolbar mounting bracket. The Generation III Fertilizer Coulter is designed to be mounted on toolbar fertilizer equipment.

Order Blades, Clamps and Shanks from 2995 / 2996 Series Parallel Linkage Fertilizer Coulters – Section B, C and D. This will be found under Planting Equipment –  Planter-Mount Fertilizer Equipment.  


  • Available with CAD-tip fertilizer knife for liquid or dry fertilizer or spring-loaded injection
  • Uses 17″ or 20″ ripple or 25 multi-wave blade
  • Features exclusive poly-plastic spring insert for extra down pressure in tough conditions
  • Spring pressure is adjustable; increase factory setting to cut through tough soil conditions
  • Quickly change depth setting by adjusting the 1 1/2″ diameter shank at the mounting bracket

Additional Information

Weight N/A
Single Arm Coulter

Single arm coulter assembly less clamp, shank and blade, Generation III single arm coulter 17” – liquid knife, Generation III single arm coulter 17”/20” – with injection nozzle, Generation III single arm coulter 20” – liquid knife, Generation III single arm coulter 17” – dry knife