At Shea AG, we provide the highest quality seed to ensure your farming and planting success, season after season.  We are a dealer for DeKalb and Secan Soybeans, we have full confidence that our seed offerings will provide you with the best genetics and highest yield potential!

Dekalb Soybeans - offer leading traits and genetics across a wide range of maturity zones. We can help you find the best varieties for your fields. Growing Confidence.  Farmers who plant DEKALB® have many reasons to be confident in their seed choice. You can find out more about DeKalb's soybean seed varieties Click here. 

Secan Soybeans - We work with SeCan to grow select varieties for seed that we get processed and sell to our customers.  We won’t grow it and sell it if it’s not a good fit for our acres.  Like the DeKalb brand seed, this lets us position SeCan seed where it will perform to its maximum potential.  Ask us about the SeCan varieties that we grow. To find out more about SeCan's soybeans, click here. 

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