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20|20 monitor from Precision Planting

Take a deep dive into you planter performance with a monitor from Precision Planting. The 20|20 monitor from Precision Planting is the most advance monitoring system available for todays farmers. Pin point issues right away! Contact us today to learn more of the benefits of the 20|20 monitor! #todayatsheaag #plant2024

Treated vs Untreated

Treated vs untreated. Delaro Complete delayed the on set of Tarspot. Seeing the difference between “Die Down” vs “Dry Down” #todayatsheaag #hatvest2023

Make the DeltaForce Decision

Planter issues still from this past spring ? Now is the best time to do something with your planter. Contact us today and get started! #todayatsheag

Dekalb Bean Plot 2023

Soybean Plot Day. It’s dry but still going into good moisture ! #todayatsheaag #plant2023

Dekalb Corn Plot 2023

Dekalb Corn Test plot going in on this cool morning! Prefect conditions #todayatsheaag #plant2023

April Seed Update

Click the link for the Precision Planting check list PlanterMaintenanceGuide