Monthly Archives: March 2014

Want to get out but fields aren’t ready yet?

If you are itching to get into the field and are getting discouraged because of the winter like conditions hanging in, why not spend a little time now ensure your planter is set up and running properly before you head to the field.  Check out Precision Plantings checklist to help get the best planter performance… Read more »

Seed Deliveries

With the last full week of March quickly coming to an end, we are looking into the next week and seeing warmer temperatures in the forecast.  With the long drawn out winter, we haven’t been able to move much seed the past few months and our shop is starting to fill up.  In the upcoming… Read more »

Precision Planting installs before 2014 planting

Last full week of March and the cold temperatures and snow are still here! We are keeping busy this week and into next week with a few installs on customer planters to help them with their 2014 plantings.  We have two customers getting a 20/20 SeedSense with a FieldView kit installed and another grower getting… Read more »

Not just seed, not just planters…..

Spring is just around the corner and as you pull equipment out to tune things up, keep in mind that we carry a wide variety of fittings, hoses and components for your sprayers and liquid fertilizer equipment.  If its a fitting that is widely used, chances are we have a good supply in stock.  If… Read more »

What does your monitor tell you?

Precision Plantings 20/20 SeedSense is capable of showing as much detail of your planter pass that you want to see.  Its not just a population meter or an indication of your percent skips or percent doubles.  This monitor shows you, in real time and row by row, how multiples and skips are affecting your population… Read more »

Get those planters ready before its time to head to the field!

Now that the temperatures are starting to warm up, working on equipment outdoors doesn’t seem so daunting.  Make sure your planter has had its tune up and is ready to head to the fields when the weather permits.  You wouldn’t head out to plant when the field conditions aren’t ideal, so why head out before your… Read more »

Mid March Update

January, February and the beginning of March has seen a busy time for us.  We spent many hours at the various trade shows around Southwestern Ontario and would like to thank all who took a moment to discuss what Precision Planting is and how it could be adapted to their operation.  We have been working… Read more »