What does your monitor tell you?

Precision Plantings 20/20 SeedSense is capable of showing as much detail of your planter pass that you want to see.  Its not just a population meter or an indication of your percent skips or percent doubles.  This monitor shows you, in real time and row by row, how multiples and skips are affecting your population and seed placement.  But that’s only of the seed metering side.  20/20 SeedSense can also give you and indication of the down force you are applying to the ground.  Is it too much force causing compaction issues?  Is it too little down force causing possible shallow plantings?  These readings are given constantly across the field, allowing you to identify areas which may require more or less weight in order to achieve ideal planting depth while minimizing seed wall compaction. Does your current monitor let you know if speed is causing an issue in your planting operation?  Having a good ride ensures your planter is running the way it is supposed to, accurately putting seed into the ground at a consistent depth at consistent spacing.

And how does it notify you of potential issues?  Precision Planting as incorporated a simple colour indicator that everyone understands.  Green is good, keep doing a great job; Yellow is caution, there are areas of your operation that could be improved; if you see Red, you have an issue that needs to be resolved to ensure you are getting the most from your seeds.  What is your current monitor telling you?