January News Letter 2017


Shea Ag


We at Shea AG hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday season and that everyone is eagerly waiting for the 2017 spring planting season.  Although winter is here, we are still quite busy here at Shea AG planning and preparing to ensure all our customers are ready when the spring weather allows us to get into the fields.





DEKALB Seed Update

This year’s early order period has come and gone with DEKALB brand seed holding strong in the area.  We would like to thank everyone who participated in the early order process and to all who have decided to take advantage of the full pre pay discounts.

For anyone who has not paid yet, there are still savings to be had.  You could still save 4% of your order by paying by January 20, 2017 and 2% if you decide to pay by March 8, 2017.  Also for anyone who has yet to order there seed you can receive a early order discount of 2% up to March 8, 2017.     

Yet another option for those who might be interested is using the line of credit through John Deere Financing which offers you zero percent financing until November of 2017.  If this option appeals to you, you must be aware that you will not receive any early pay discounts combined with the zero percent financing.  We do have applications for those who are interested and will assist you as needed.

As a reminder why DEKALB strives for the highest quality seed possible, this statement was recently received in a newsletter from DEKALB:

“DEKALB seed is produced under high quality standards, then conditioned and treated at ISO standards facilities, and we strive to exceed industry quality standards.  If environmental conditions require you replant, we will cover the cost of the replacement seed. We’ll also help you match earlier-maturing DEKALB hybrid or variety to your field and growing season.”*

*Subject to availability and inspection by DEKALB representative.  Soybean replants policy subject to seed treatment.  Ask your dealer for details.

  Precision Planting Premier Dealer 

Precision Planting Update

  Here at Shea Ag the Precision Planting portion of our business is at its busiest time of the year.  There is always new training and more information.  Jeff and Cole both have their Premier Tech Certification Certificate with the advanced training though Precision Planting.  Jake is right behind them with the advanced training. Together everyone here at Shea Ag is staying up with all the new additions to Precision Planting product line. All together, we are very familiar with the equipment, setup and systems for your planter, we are excited to look at your planter and see where Precision Planting products can be used to update your planter’s ability’s.

We are also testing meters in the upcoming months before the spring.  Keeping your metering systems cleaned and calibrated ensures that each seed that goes through your planter is positioned in a way that is genetic potential is maximized.  Springs, seals and brushes all wear and having them checked could help eliminate skips and doubles in your corn stand.  We have a test unit in our shop that will give you a print out that tells you how your metering systems are running.  Call us today for more details on the meter testing program.

Shea Ag

SHEA AG Update

For the months of January, February and March, we are going to be out and about attending trade shows in the area.  Shea Ag will be having an information booth at all these events and we would love to see you out there too.

January 18, 2017         Precision Planting Winter Conference, London

Jan 31- Feb 1, 2017    Precision Planting Ag Conference, London

March 8-10, 2017       Western Fair Farm Show, London

March 21, 2017          March Classic, Grain Farmers of Ontario, London


If you have any questions or would like to register please contact us today at Shea Ag.