October 2018 Newsletter

Harvest Preview



With August rains comes much anticipation for this year’s soybean harvest. For the most part beans in the Lambton County and Middlesex area are looking for a strong yield. Some Varieties that have stood out in our opinion this year are:

DKB 20-14 – Performs best on no-till clay fields. 20-14 Has looked great all year.

DKB 24-97 – Great standing variety and has really stood out in the clay no-till as well. More of a fuller season for Northern Lambton County.

Stay tuned for more information about harvest as we plan to keep you posted with what we are seeing this year at harvest!


Corn harvest is going to be here much sooner than last year. With close to 3500 heat units in the London area since May 1st most hybrids are nearing black layer or have reached black layer depending when you started planting. Couple standout hybrids this year are:

DKC 50-26 – is a new Hybrid this year and has been given the Disease Shield status from Dekalb.  Disease shield products have exceptional resistant to the major corn diseases we face as growers.

DKC 52-84 – isn’t a new Hybrid but has been looking very good this year again.

Contact us if you are looking for a Yield monitor calibration or simple weigh off of some strips to compare different hybrids on your farm.


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