Welcome to 2014

Well the busy holiday season has come and gone as we settle back into a more traditional routine.  We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday and are looking forward to the spring planting season as much as we are.  The upcoming months are going to be busy ones for us even though the temperatures are cold and the snow has come.

We just finished unpacking our materials as we attended our first Southwest AG Conference as a vendor.  We had great traffic through the trade show, met lots of growers from the area and got to talk about Precision Planting.  We also have some upcoming shows which we hope to see some of you at:

Chatham Kent Farm Show – January 29 & 30

London Farm Show – March 5, 6 & 7

   As well as continuing our search for more exposure to the growers of Lambton, Kent and Middlesex Counties.

We also are continuing to work on installing Alpine kits onto drills and planters getting them ready now before the warm weather comes.  Meters are getting ready to be tested on our MeterMax Ultra system from Precision Planting.  How would you like to know how your meters are running before you get to the field?  Give us a call, we can check them out and help make sure everything is ready to plant when the weather is right.